new versailles, usa

Beginning slow process of moving all my poetry over

from 2009:

I could tell she’d been to Versailles, sigh

it was in her red lipstick 
and white marble veneer

she knew the secret

I knew I didn’t know

just yesterday, I chased away a perfectly good fortune

to gain more worthless obscurity

keeping the dust doesn’t preserve the would

I kicked a stone


in Missouri they say Versailles, sales

coupon clipping for free turkeys

I just ate grilled cheese again


suburbans drive their 
little Louis the fifteenths

to yell support at soccer practices in Island of Capri pants

and cut through milk fed meat on granite countertops

suburban cells, sigh


the chirping bird 
reminded me

I could learn the secrets

buy one get one free
I knew

the new American Dream

was not in palaces or princes

or marbled foyers with heated ass bucket seats

but in the soup and the bread
 and the freedom to stir

as peasants once did in their fiefdom


the fiefdom of freedom

we are all stuck in


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