summer story for #kinderblog

So I’m sitting here by an open window in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  My view is of  an empty parking lot but I have the sweet sounds of  a cheery baseball game and some birds chirp chirp chirping their heads off before tucking in for the evening.

I’ve been in a conference room in Manchester, NH for four days full of buzzy activity and this bit of peace feels unbelievably good. I just spontaneously popped over here and I’m so glad I did.

The room actually reminded me of my Mom first, but also one of my teaching mentors, a fine, elegant woman born from a New England coastal town similar in feel to this. I couldn’t believe it when I walked in. And I thought of Amy’s blog challenge question and how good it would feel to sit by the open window after a long hot bath and just write about those early days of teaching.

Tell us about the teacher preparation you attended. (You don’t have to name the school if you don’t want to.) Did you love it at the time? Did it prepare you adequately for teaching? How did you feel about it as you were in it? Does it look different now, looking back? Would you change it if you could? What did get out of it? What did you not get that you needed?

I will tell you upon re reading the question I’m thinking,” I can’t answer this question!” 😀 While I had some great teachers in my college experience, it wasn’t there that I learned to work with children or how to teach. Yes, I am a full-on trenches teacher. First being thrown in, similar to Amy’s story (but oh, if only I could tell it half as eloquently!) Thrown into teaching gymnastics to 3 year olds at 14 years old, thrown into full time summer day camp counseling at 15, babysitting tons of overnight weekends, nannying at the shore, after school worker, yes, all that experience by the time I was 17.

The last thing I wanted to be was a teacher.

Well, this wasn’t supposed to get into all of that, but here I am. I think it’s time to slip off into the sunset and sit by the water and eat seafood and hear music and sip a little sumpin’ sumpin’. I will tell the rest when I get back.

Afterward: (apologies it took me two weeks to post this and I never did tell “the rest of the story” 😀 I’ve made my peace with that and am moving forward to the next challenge anyway! :D)

Lots of Love to everyone-Cheers!



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