They were talking of books

And I was tired of books

Tired of cooking

Of being clever

Of wearing the right shoes

With the right outfits

Tired of the right places

And the right drinks

With the right people

Tired of it all


They were on to Brasil

And Dubrovnik

“This time of year”

Oh have you been and how I must go


I hadn’t been

and would probably never go

Or read it

Or buy that right bag

Did they ever tire

of the one-up-man’s ship?

or were they infinitely energized

by the competition

of building their travel resumes

so I can say “impressive”

when they hand it to me on the right beach


I want to drink Budweiser

And listen to muzak

While shooting peanut shells

Into a makeshift goal

“score” I’ll say and they’ll laugh

and ask, “have you ever played handball

in Iceland?”

And I’ll say no again.

-Aug 14, 2008


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