Gibson and The Wolf Creek Quilt

So, I am looking at the calendar and thinking “September is never going to be over” 😀 I’m already tired and looking down the hatch at a long school year is…well, daunting! Not that I don’t love my job or feel enthusiasm for what I do, its just the sheer ENERGY the job takes is like, “how on earth do I do this everyday?”

The calendar, the school year starting…this year is the first year in all my formal teaching life that I am starting the year without a teaching partner. Yes, I’ve team taught for 14 years. There are advantages and disadvantages, but mostly I’ve come to love it and especially the people who’ve mentored me throughout the years.

I didn’t set up the jobs yet or the calendar, which were the very first things my teaching partner Mary would have done. Mary who had long blonde hair, Mary who ran everyday and grew yummy yellow tomatoes in her garden, Mary who sang sweet songs to the kids and played Gibson, the guitar. Mary who gave me the beautiful calendar that I have pasted everywhere in the classroom this year. Mary whose quilt the kids were fighting over the other day and who I told them about and who they responded to with the knock-your-socks- off- sweetness of children. Mary who named our class the “Cozy Chamomiles” typed out letter by letter with her eye movements on a computer.

Yes, she’s dying of ALS. Diagnosed a year ago, she’s been given a six month window. I can’t believe such a vibrant, fiery woman has been hacked down by such a vicious, merciless thing as this.

I told the kids she was very sick and that she gave us this quilt because she loves Kindergarten and kids and we were to be very careful of it. You know, kids know when things are serious. And they know the significance of a gift from the heart. I know it won’t be fought over anymore. I know it will be treated with a cherished respect.

I can’t write much more here. But put more love in the world. And then put some more.



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