Team Mary

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I just have to post these pictures of my friend and teaching partner Mary Ramsey. This is how I think of her, this is who she was, singing with her sisters. Wow- what a woman. She sure packed a punch in her tiny frame. She was my teaching partner. Goofy, fun, funny, witty- all the things you could want in a teaching partner and a friend. There was and is so much love in her family. Pretty amazing how simple life is.

What a woman and what a life she led. Passionate to the end. She lived it. She loved it. Every minute.

We used to joke about the song “Last Christmas” by Wham!

We’d just randomly bust into it while tooling around the classroom. Yes, in August when we were setting up. 😀 We taught Kindergarten! Christmas is fair game everyday!

I’m remembering her and crying and thinking of how magical life is. Why do we all run around so silly all the time worried about the worlds smallest things when LOVE is the biggest thing in the world. That’s all we need to worry about. “Love as you love, Be a friend to all.” Two goals of my school and goals she lived.

She sang and played guitar for hundreds of children. Simple, sweet songs.

She was a runner and fierce competitor. She faced her cancer diagnosis like no one I had quite ever seen before. The ALS, well, that broke all our hearts. Truly after three years its still like a dream and I can’t quite make the meanings out yet if there even are any.

And Please, if you are a Pray-er, pray for her loving husband. Wow, that man- 24 round the clock care for this woman who he loved so dearly. They were quite a pair- he at well over 6 feet and tiny she- wait here’s a picture:


That’s all for now. But put more love in the world and then put some more.  I mean it. Do big things for people who will never know. Help people. Make eye contact with the homeless. Don’t frack. Save the whales. Be someone’s rainbow. And look for this angel- she’s out there!


7 thoughts on “Team Mary

  1. Heidi,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. You know how much you meant to Mary, right? You were a rock to her, and a creative and logistical genius. And when you took her out for the evening, you were the only woman she trusted to lift her out of the wheelchair. God bless you, Heidi, and thank you for being such a wonderful friend to Mary. xo Chris

  2. Oh, Heidi, i can barely see the keyboard for the tears. I miss my dear twin so much it hurts, but am so grateful to all who loved her throughout her brief life, and to you for the years you made her work days so extra special.

  3. Heidi, thank you so much for this, and keep the words coming. Can you also post the “Say a Little Prayer” video? I would love to share it with Hannah and Daniel.


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