Delightfully Dizzy from Swingin’ Mamas, Dessert in the Desert and The Good Raffi

Why is it everytime I am motivated to blog, I suddenly clam up once I actually make it over here? Maybe because I know people MAY ACTUALLY READ what I am writing vs getting an occasional one hit visit from a lone spammer. Ah, those were the days. 😀

Ya. It’s been a series of openings for sure, this wild ride we call the #Kinderchat. And now suddenly 10 or so people will be uprooting themselves from their happy homesteads and coming to some kind of crazy #EdcampKinder meetup called “Dessert in the Desert” in Vegas, Baby, Vegas. 😀 I can’t quite wrap my head around it all, and perhaps thats for the best! Keep me busy with getting t-shirts and business cards and planning an itinerary and going to BlackBoard Collaborate virtual rooms to discuss whatever is next to discuss. So bizarre. I continuously ask, “how did I get here?”

Sometimes it’s like a day is a week and a week is a month! Recently, I had the extreme pleasure of visiting @ncingiser‘s school! I can’t tell you what a wonderful experience that was- I am still reeling and processing the visit and the wonderful people I met there. Nikki (@ncingiser) introduced to my new favorite band the Swingset Mamas! Nikki showed me such kindness and hospitality, I can’t quite say how grateful I am to her and her school for such a wonderful experience that day.

And then, I TALKED TO RAFFI. Me. Raffi. Yes, the famous nice Raffi who honoUrs children and the earth. We spoke. I still can’t believe this!

Even after almost 2 years of #Kinderchat, it feels as if I have walked into some alternate universe. An alternate universe I LOVE. An alternate universe where there is POSSIBILITY at every turn, INNOVATION around every corner, SURPRISES in invisible cardboard boxes and little golden TREATS somehow miraculously falling from the sky.

I still keep saying “I’m just a Kindergarten teacher.” To suddenly be visible and connected in a career thats invisible and isolated is, well, I can’t quite say all the way. It’s like you don’t know the freedom until you have it, I suppose. But thinking of being disconnected from my virtual world colleagues and friends is so not nice to think about!

I never could have expected the twists and turns this journey has taken. To be suddenly and continuously illuminated and surprised has been a gift to my mind and spirit. There are so many exciting things ahead! I am beyond excited to continue to work as hard as I can to help teachers, kids and people. I am excited to work as hard as I can to help foster friendships and work towards bringing more connectivity, real peace and understanding to both myself and others if I can.

I can never tell the #Kinderchat Thank You enough. Thank you for being curious, kind, willing, excited, fun, funny and full of love and happiness. You represent the best in teaching, learning and friendship.

In gratitude,


PS Two days after I wrote this we were mentioned in FORBES. I am over-the-moon.


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