#Kinderblog2012 Q#1 Attempt #2

What did you learn this past (or, for our southern hemisphere friends, what ARE you learning this current) school year that you couldn’t have learned any other year, from any other students or colleagues or administrators or parents? What lessons did this particular year, this particular setting, these particular children bring into your life?

posted by @happycampergirl for #Kinderchat #Kinderblog2012 Challenge

So here I had this all typed up yesterday. I was desperately trying to weave the story of a very messy year into some type of neat package and let’s just say, it wasn’t working. Yes, it was a rough year. Rough kids, rough parents, rough everything and even rougher to describe it and address it all publicly.

I knew it would be a tough one as the teacher the class had the last year was barely speaking in syllables by the end. She warned me, I knew what I was getting into. I was prepared.

I sat on the bed next to my coteacher the summer before school started. I told her about the class. We laughed and cried and remembered stories of difficult parents, difficult kids and yet memories of such fun years teaching together. She typed out and asked me what would I name them. Every class has a different and unique name. When I taught PreSchool it was always animals. Now in Kindergarten, since we planted the garden, its a vegetable or flower.

I told Mary I was thinking of dandelions because I love dandelions and have always had a thing with them. I was determined to see the good in this class.”Some see wishes, some see weeds” I’ve always said about dandelions. I love that. It’s all a matter of perspective, I said.

Just imagine if golfers hit them instead of balls….golf balls of wishes being launched into the air and everyone would make a wish instead of politely clap. Such beautiful white puffs of wonder.

Mary typed “Dandelions? No. It’s a weed. (we laughed at her finality on the subject) They need calm….maybe Chamomile” As soon as she typed it, bang, that was the name. You don’t have a woman type with the movements of her eyes and NOT name the class that name! Plus, I loved it, it was perfect. We became “The Cozy Chamomile Class” that very day.

The year, and Mary passed and now I’m nested in this little cottage filled with Teresa’s art (that’s the lady who rented it to me for the week) Teresa welcomed me so warmly and had two little vases of fresh flowers inside the cottage waiting for me. And a copy of “The Language of Flowers” beside my bed.

Well, I was determined to not read the book. I quit reading back in ’87 or was it ’95? I don’t know but I wasn’t going to read it. Fine? Fine. I opened the jacket yesterday morning just to prove myself right. I finished it bawling on the beach late today. And was up late last night obsessing about flowers and was there a pinterest directory of the meaning, etc etc. I googled the “Language of Flowers” and found the author had made a dictionary– not with the photographs that I could find yet, but the flowers and their meanings anyway.

So last night, after working and reworking and flailing about with this post, giving up and instead thinking about how much work it would take to make a pinterest or what-else-could-I-use dictionary of flower meanings and photographs, I suddenly came across “chamomile” Stunned, I read its meaning: “Energy in Adversity.”

I’ll have to reflect on all that a bit longer.


8 thoughts on “#Kinderblog2012 Q#1 Attempt #2

  1. Ha that’s quite a definition! Guess you picked the right name! I like the idea of naming classes.. Unique!

    Also.. Glad you survived the year… Ready for the best group? 🙂

  2. I am glad you found your flower. I hope this next year is not such a hard one for you but know those children were lucky to have you for their teacher!

  3. A great post after a challenging year. One of the things I like about surviving a really challenging year is that more often than not the following year(s) are a whole lot more fun. At this point you\’ve made it through the storm so now you can better enjoy the clear air it leaves behind. And I LOVE the flower analogy. Really looking forward to meeting you F2F real soon. Karen

  4. This is an amazing and honest reflection. I wish that I had had your sense of hopefulness and strength when I was entwined within my most troubling year last year. Bravo! 🙂

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