SDE Talk Outline- Atlantic City Feb 25 2013

1. About me

Discussion: Turn and Tell ūüėÄ (sorry!) Introductions

Discussion Break:

Reflection: Where am I now in my teaching journey? Frustrated? Excited? Just going through the motions? It’s ok! Accept where you are!

2. Professional development and the structure of the environment

Discussion Break:

What do the physical structures in my classroom say? How much time do you spend in direct instruction? What centers are in your room? What challenges are you facing in your professional learning?

3. Networks and the Shifting Technology of Cooperation

Discussion Break:

What is the role of Play in your room? How does play help develop the skills children need for the future? How do you keep play vital and enriched in your room? What is the current “big hit” in your room?

4. Advantages of Network in the Classroom

Discussion Break:

What are some of the barriers or successes in your school? Do you have a sharing community? Talk about the “plight of isolation” those working w children often face. How many of you work in teams? Frustrations and successes of those teams? How is your current professional network shaping you?¬†

5. Advantages of Network: Effects on the Professional


Open floor and cocktail questions ūüėĬ†


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