What’s wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

US Treasury visits TFA Classroom (promo photo)
US Treasury visits TFA Classroom (promo photo)



2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. 1. What kind of class is this? Science? English? Math? What rich learning materials are located around the classroom?

    2. Look at the students. Do they look highly engaged or are they being lectured to by someone? (again, What subject is this?)

    3. Desks are in rows. Maybe they moved them in this configuration especially for this presentation, but by the look of the room, I highly doubt it. What kind of learnin gis happening with rows of children sitting in a room free of any learning materials?

    4. There is a very, very small periodic table above the whiteboard. Can you see that? Can a student sitting in the back see it? Why is it there? What is the function?

    5. More visible is the Motivational bulletin board. Again, what subject am I in here?

    6. STEM is Science! Technology! Engineering! Math! All of these disciplines require TOOLS! Of which I see NONE in this classroom.

    7. Look at the behavior of the students. “Well-behaved”? Or “disengaged”?

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