Poem for Paxton: June 9, 2010

I am posting this today bc I am writing her eulogy. I’ve never written one before. I hope I do ok. Trying to focus. 

Poem for Paxton

The Shawl from Palestine

I saw it there in the store
it was a deep deep blue
almost black
much darker and deeper a color
than you normally wear
hand woven by 
the women of Palestine
the tag said, maroon thread
I wanted to get it for you
wrap it around your always cold shoulders
I looked at it for a very long time
why hadn’t I collected the money for a gift 
I berated, debated
put it down and walked away
left the store
walked in the rain
thought about all you had given
thought about all you had seen
thought about how much you had lost 
thought about how much you loved
thought about how much you believe
Faith had found you on the Wailing Wall
Faith had found you behind the stone
Faith had found you already sewn into the threads 
the women had woven
It was too deep and dark a blue
so I chose this silken purse from Vietnam
Especially For You
Much Love,

Author: hechternacht

website here: https://sites.google.com/site/heidiechternacht/

3 thoughts on “Poem for Paxton: June 9, 2010”

  1. Your words today were beautiful. Thank you for recognizing Karlene’ s beautiful soul and the love that surrounded her. She is smiling and giggling that wonderful childish giggle of hers. Your poem is very moving.

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