#ECE #STEM #Girls Present: Harpeth Hall Nashville, TN

Hello everyone! Well I am not a Power Pointer, rather I prefer to talk from an outline. Please feel free to skip around and visit links at will. This is my talk for the Harpeth Hall Center for STEM Education for Girls in Nashville, TN:

1.  Stereotypes and STEM:

  • Making it “cool” for girls vs engaging girls interests (ie recent HuffPo STEM convo) 
  • Discussion point: do pink Legos, high heeled characters “engage” young girls?
  • My idea of what they want to learn vs theirs

2. Classroom set-up:

3. Constructivist, Process Based Teaching

4. Learning Through Play: How do we know what girls are interested in? Easy! Listen to their Play! Are they playing kitty? Sometimes. Often. But even “kittens” play (often in character! Meow meow math, meow :D) (most movies are password protected: DM me for password)

Pause for Questions, Comments, Yawns 

5. Project Based Learning:

  • “Make whatever you want, just teach me how it’s math” 😀
  • math projects 1
  • math videos
  • “student work”  (photo slideshow)
  • This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6. Nature to Tech Ratios 2:1 (Science and Technology)

  • Sept-Nov, March-June: weather, gardening, exploration, waterways, animals, bugs,
  • Outdoor labs, exploration
  • Fairy Forest
  • Leaf Lab
  • Bug Day
  • Winter: indoor labs, weather, batteries, water, light, cooking lab (vs watch the teacher do it- looks a mess btw 😀 ), student driven


7. Tech



"Ms Echternacht, we discovered we get higher points when we work together!"
“Ms Echternacht, we discovered we get higher points when we work together!”
  • Documentation
    • Camera: Photographer
    • Lab Books: draw and label


8. Importance of highlighting what interests and fuels girls vs “making it cool” for girls to dig deeper into STEM fields. “Coolness” is shallow vs developing and following a passion.

Passion is developed, fostered through what we PLAY at.

Open discussion, questions


One thought on “#ECE #STEM #Girls Present: Harpeth Hall Nashville, TN

  1. Hi, Heidi,
    I attended your workshop at Harpeth Hall and LOVED the video with the wheel and pulley. May I have the access code so I can show it to my faculty? I am a Director of Lower School at an all girls school in San Francisco.
    Alice Moore

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