Triple Lindy

To maximize time, I’m doing three Kinderchat Kinderblog13 assignments in one. Yes, my teachers hated me and I struggled through school. 😀 Here goes:


I’m liking getting older. Don’t get me wrong, part of me is cringing but the other part of me is like HALLELUJAH BABY! There’s a certain freedom that comes along with aging and baby I can feel it! Maybe its the getting older or maybe its the freedom I’ve gained through my work on the interwebz. Either way, I can feel myself shedding my insecurities faster than a speeding iguana. 😀 Is that a confession or a


I feel like I’ve always been the odd woman out and my time has finally come. My teaching style has been called “unorthodox” among many other names and criticisms. I’ve learned I DO have a unique view and perspective on things. I’ve learned that you can put 100 smart people in a room and they can still come up with a stupid solution. I’ve learned my failures have led me to the greatest successes and I’M NOT AFRAID to show and model both my struggles and my thinking- and I think that takes a special kind of gutsy. #ifIdontsaysomyself 😀


It’s coming and I know it. 

Now it’s back to work for me! 😀

Cheers all!

❤ Heidi


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