Hi Everyone,

I’m writing this because, while I appreciate enthusiasm and eagerness, there is also a pace, timeline and plan for my work on #Kinderchat. As you may or may not know, I am an actual Kindergarten teacher. Meaning, I have a full plate with my regular teaching life and duties. Back in 2010, I met Amy online and we started #Kinderchat.

While it may seem somewhat glamorous? exciting? I’m not sure what people even think about what it is we are doing, let me tell you it IS HARD WORK. I thought starting a chat would be WAAAAAAY easier than it is or was. Lets talk about where I’ve been EVERY MONDAY FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS.

Then we started the Europe/Asia chat time because our friend David was waking up in the middle of the night to come to #Kinderchat. Form followed function and so it began. In reality that means I dismiss the children from school, taking them to their bus or car or after school activity and RUN DOWN THE HALL TO MAKE IT ON TIME. EVERY MONDAY.  Not to mention the hard work of networking and finding Early Years folks that are hidden behind the little nooks and crannies.  I see you! 😀

I am letting everyone know my timeline for #Kinderchat so as to be perfectly clear as to our goals, priorities and outline of focus. Keep in mind, these things all derail and evolve CONSTANTLY in an ever changing online world.

  • September: firm up, secure Rainbow Moderators, firm up new Kinderchat Mentoring Program, finish work on website (hopefully- so close!!) and prepare for Connected Educators Month. (I am on the Organizing committee and working on the Pinterest account.)
  • October: Connected Educators Month
    • Kinderchat is running FIVE webinars in October: “Why Connect?”, Ellen Galinsky, Lisa Murphy, RAFFI and an “Ask Matt” session
    • Our regular chats will be featured on the CEM Calendar
    • Look for two special “Pot o Gold” parties! 😀
  • November: Launch The Kinderchat Classroom and Teachers Projects
  • December: Reflection
    • Where are we? What needs are not being met or missing? Taking temperature, inventory and enjoying a deep breath.

This outline just gives you an idea of where I am in terms of my time and attention. And oh yeah, I TEACH FULL TIME, plus work a weekend job.

Yours truly,



6 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Heidi,

    I hope you know how much I admire you, your talents, and your generous spirit. You inspire me to grow professionally, and I know I can always ask you the silly questions that a 60 year old has in this new world of connected education. Thank you for all that you do to help and support those of us that you touch on a daily basis.

    Frannie Morrissey

  2. I am also very grateful for the work that you and the rest of the kinderchat team does. I never make it to a chat but when I do, the pace of the sharing is pretty fast paced! That being said, I can always catch up with the tweets and posts through Twitter searches and my Scoop.it/Kindergarten feeds. Please keep your own planning and pace comfortable enough that you don’t burn out! We need your organization girl!

    1. Oh my gosh- Michelle- tears!! Wow- Thank you so much! I guess I needed to hear these good words 😀 Fuel for me!! I’m so happy to have you with us. We are all definitely “Better Together” (a Jack Johnson song to love!!)

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