Kinderchat Blog-Post-A-Day Challenge

Well, hello friends, neighbors and country people! I feel like I’ve been absent from the internets for awhile now! In some ways, it’s been a much needed break and in other ways, I miss all of the excitement of jumping down never ending rabbit holes and of course, chatting with friends and colleagues.

2013 was a great year for me- one of my best, if not THE best! So I’m happy to have a look back, while getting ready for whatever comes my way next!

So here’s my three in a row for the #Kinderchat Blog-A-Day posting:

I can’t NOT post this photo as my ONE photo from the year 2013:


I’d say that was pretty much a highlight of the year!

In other news and just to recap the year:

It was a year that I felt very grounded. #Kinderchat was smooth sailing along, work was smooth, my house was just so, I had a FAB-U-LOUS summer vacationing with friends and family and meeting up with tons of folks at ISTE in San Antonio. I was super involved in Connected Educators Month. I presented what I think was a great talk at the STEM conference at Harpeth Hall in Nashville.  I had so much fun with my friends at work, “my girls”: the First and Second Grade teacher and the former Third grade and Music teacher- we had all kinds of adventures and fun.

And then….two of “the girls” moved away, (half of the teachers this year are new at my school), my classroom was redone- I had to relearn and remake all the systems, I had a new teaching partner, I moved my house and I STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED THE NEW WEBSITE. (It’s close- very close…)

So everything changed, just when I felt like everything was going great! Which is good for me in lots of ways- change, though painful and tricky, keeps me looking at the world with fresh eyes, keeps me flexible and willing. Teaches me that I’M OK. I CAN DO THIS!

So long story short: a resolution for this year is to pare down, simplify systems and stuff (and closets, furniture, clothes, etc, etc) even more than I already have. I feel like there’s so much more to explore and learn and do and I’m super excited to see how all of these changes and wonks in the system play out!

Life is so funny- you think you’ve got it all figured out, then BOOM! 😀 And THAT’S the whole fun of it!

Much Love to all,



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