Kinderchat Post a Day Blogging Challenge Day 4&5

Ok so I’m down to 2 in 1 specials vs 3 in 1 specials! 😀

As many of you know, I moved house (as @blamehound says) this Holiday so I’ve been busy trying to get back up to speed! But it’s also part of my answer to the question!

Q4: What did I want to be as a kid?

Q5: What time period would I want to go back in and live?

Gee it would make this blog post a whole lot easier if I wanted to be an historian. 😀 Nope, not that lucky…

Like lots of kids I wanted to be a teacher, a gymnastics player :D, the President and a ballerina all at the same time. It all seemed not only possible back then, but entirely logical.

As far as the time period, right now I am obsessing over the time between the 1890’s and the 1930’s. Look at the bookends of those times- wow- what a change! On one end I would be in the early time of Downton Abbey and on the other, I’d try my leg in a talkie. (not really! I’m not a want-to-be-on-film person!) But the change in that time period is so dramatic. Just in terms of skirts, even! I mean, really- imagine the brutish, wonderfully freeing and daring rebelliousness of chopping off your hair and wearing a short skirt! En masse!

Also my new house is from the 1890’s ish and you know you have to LISTEN to a house to get it to tell you how it wants to be! This one is cold, though there’s lots of spark and charm and hidden little grottos and little nooks just waiting to be warmed up.

Also the art of the time- I love how ahead of its time art can be-

Also I love not talking about history in terms of economics or wars, but in daily life and what a girl might DO and be in love with.

Well, starting to ramble! 😀 Goodnight to all!




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