Letter to the Kinderblog14 Kinderchat Editor

To the Editor:
If you know me in person, you will know me to be passionate, funny, flexible and at times, outspoken. If you know me online, I’d venture I am just about the same. Sometimes, online, as in life, we disagree.

If you know me online or IRL, you will also know it takes A LOT to get me riled up. I am much like that duck paddling along letting the water bead off her back. I see stuff I disagree w all the time and I let it go in favor of low blood pressure and a peaceful night.

HOWEVER! More than any issue, it seems folks need a lesson on how to disagree respectfully. Now I am not claiming to have never have wanted to low blow, but people, there is A PROPER WAY TO DISAGREE.

The rule is as such: as soon as you make a personal attack on a person’s character YOU LOSE THE ARGUMENT. NO MATTER THE POINT.

I will paraphrase one edu-celebrity (I have the exact tweet but no need to put it all out on the table) “Heidi, you seem like a really unhappy person because you questioned my super fun leprechaun lesson”, yes she actually called me unhappy and has never bothered to apologize. Another: “Heidi, take it down a notch, you seem wound a little tight- I’m a mother and I know- let’s not be so serious.” Believe me Moms and edu-celebrities, MY NOTCH IS DOWN. But of this I AM SERIOUS- YOU LOSE WHEN YOU CALL NAMES.

Especially when they are completely the wrong ones. I always look forward to passionate discussions and have a deep appreciation of folks who navigate rough waters so well. I’m certainly no diplomat or immune to a good blood boil, but friends, I will never call you unhappy.

Thank you,
Heidi Echternacht


4 thoughts on “Letter to the Kinderblog14 Kinderchat Editor

  1. Good one Heidi. It seems a whole lot easier to disagree in real life when our tone, expressions, and feelings come through in other ways. Writing is an art and a craft and I pursue it the best I can. But in the end, I know I can be terse. I would not write what is above ( at least I hope not) but sometimes in an effort to be brief, I step across the invisible line. Your post presents a valid lesson for me and it reinforces why I more often than not choose to step away from the conversation that riles me up. Guess that also makes me a “chicken.” BTW, you are certainly one of my favorite EC educators. You model successful communication online perfectly.

    1. I know what you mean Gail! I am too sometimes- especially when I’m tired! You are so sweet- THANK YOU for your comment and all of your support over the years! You’ve been wonderful!!

  2. I recall that those tweets and I agree. When you resort to “Name Calling” you argument is not invalid; In written debate, as in vocal debate, appropriate language is one of the most important tools we have. We may take the disagreements as personal, but to sink to level of casting aspersions on ones character or level of happiness is not the way to go. Good fo you to speak out.

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