Up, down, turn around

Why this song from New Order popped into my head just as I was ready to write this week’s #Kinderchat #Kinderblog14 Challenge, I have no idea. But it’s on as I write and play as you read or after so you can dance too! 😀

Am just back from visiting a former colleague in Pittsburgh, PA and an overnight with my Mom. I’m back home and so glad to be. My little town is a sparkling gem of a place nestled along the Delaware River in the state of Pennsylvania, USA. I moved here in December and it’s my first real town spot after living out in the woods and suburbs for way-too-many years. Or maybe it was the right amount of years, who knows, but let me tell you it feels so good to be a part of this special little community along the Delaware.

First off, “we don’t care who you are, what you do, or how old you are, we just care if you are good or bad.” I was told this maybe six months after moving here because they have to look you over pretty good to see if they even want to say this to you. If you were bad, they just wouldn’t say anything, I figured.

It’s a tight knit community but with some of the biggest hearts I’ve ever been a witness to. The tourists come from miles around, no need to impress friends with the fact they went to the right summer hot spot, rather they come to simply have a good time. That’s it. There’s no Hamptons hobnobbing, no dress to impress and no pretense.

What is my town? Bikers and babes, high hat and low ball antiquing, dancing til dawn, delving into a rich and sweet history, ice cream shops, great bars, rainbow flags and draggy divas. It’s little hobbit houses and sunsets over the river, tucked away little nooks and crannies. It’s art and music tattooed with sadness, anger, beauty, whimsy and happiness. It’s love and life and I’m so happy to finally be here.

What’s the name of my town? New Hope. 🙂


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