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This session focuses on developing STEM skills in an Early Childhood setting. Special focus will be on room design, developing the engineering thinking process and lines of inquiry, and specific paper crafting design techniques and challenges. Videos will be provided to help further illustrate and demonstrate projects in the Early Childhood setting. Additional focus is placed on developing PLN’s to continue individual teachers’ professional development and networking.


Room design


Collaboration vs Competition and Process over Product

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Pumped about the Popplet

Well, sometimes it doesn’t take much. Been exploring new options for a Job Chart. Tried making a popplet. Am still uploading the videos and images but I think it’s a go! I assigned each student a number and that is their job for the week. I chose a number to start bc of privacy issues. Am still experimenting! I can eventually teach the kids to update the popplet as the numbers rotate throughout the various jobs.


Job Chart

Kinderblog Q5

Choose 5 objects from around your home (NOT your classroom!) that tell us something about you: as a teacher or as a person. Take pictures of the objects and post them with captions. The real challenge here: the captions should be no longer than a regular tweet– that is, 140 characters. 

Well, somehow this ended up being a whole tour of my house. I have to say I am really proud of my house bc everything is either found on the street, handed down to me through roommates or purchased at an extremely reasonable price.

I just got this today when I was shopping for antennas to make my TV work to watch the Olympics. (none worked btw but this did!) That’s right! A Record Player! Boo-YAH
my house
I love this photo. It’s my dining room table. I rainbowed my books 😀 There are also small unicorn hummel things on there that one of my friends keeps giving me.
Radio! Rotary phone! Once all state of the art technology! I think this speaks to my long view, skepticism and awareness that todays “must have gadgets” are inevitably tomorrows flea market finds.
Living Room! Took me forever to get it set! I love the simplicity, the lines, the curves, the shapes, the colors, the playfulness. Also- nothing is expensive. I got the cabinets and orange chair at second hand shops and the white table was garbage picked on the way to work.
Well, might as well show you my whole apartment! Is this like having everyone over to my house? In the back there are shells on the wall- I love nature and natural things. Brings me such peace! Well, that’s the whole apartment except for the laundry hallway and bathroom and the kitchen sink!

Tell YOUR Town

If its even possible, I’ve started another blog. I think this brings me to three, though I am losing count. My new blog is for my classroom practice and the work I do there. Happy Reading!
"What's a town?"

“If you live in the country do you live in a town?”

“I don’t live near the post office or  near the stores”

“The USA is inside of North America”

“The countries are all teams, some are fighting, like in Egypt they are fighting, but everyone is on the World team”