Four Videos

Four videos that crossed my path this week:

This was an animated short called “The Paperman”

Shrink your screen and play with the timing


six days supermoon

photo: Heidi Echternacht March 2011
Six Days first published November 19, 2008

six days

Friday, five days ago
I drove six, no eight hours
To one of the ends of the earth
we three left at four
missed the turn
So we didn’t fall off
into Ohio

the next morning
hammers and chatter
hammers and chatter
left at ten and turned left and then
drove laps around the lake
drove laps around the lake

we had coffee and cake
dinner set
but not for eight
turned out to be five
and two
crab walked around the table

later that night
real life rock stars
magic hat, the no. 9,
Mary toasted toast
and shot beam
Was this a dream
Or just my time
At one of the ends of the earth

this six day story
all started on a fours day
Thursday, Thursday
The band and the moon
a full
Cake flying
Ruth was dying
a baby was being born very soon

it all came at once
the figure, the eight
the signs and the stars
the signs and the stars
the moon and the moons
they stomped home under
o hi yo

Sunday saw saws
a Lump of a dog
slept next to me
he bit the hand that fed it
that’s what you get for waking me
too early
sorry, fuck off
I am human too
dog, especially in the morning

now, Today is Monday
and I have driven back
to my own earth’s center
reading children’s books at our café
staffed by eager young readers
waiting to wait, coffee or tea
we closed early and made napkin rings

the baby was born and Ruth was dead
the band had gone
I was home again
goodbye to the beautiful
land near
o hi o