central park snow w red coat


Snowstorm in New York. Central Park. Where the trees are all curly.


Talk: April 15, 2011 at Poughkeepsie Day School NYSAIS

Keynote Speaker: Will Richardson (@willrich45)

Afternoon Workshop Talk:

Heidi Echternacht: The Tale of Two Kindergarten Teachers and The Power of A PLN

1. Founding Story of #kinderchat

  • AKA: Lost in space, water seeks its own level and the digital footprint
  • Resume– Meet Heidi
  • Meet Amy
  • metamorphosis: caterpillar–> chrysalis—>butterfly and round again
  • learning vs learned (@willrich45) : online job training

2. PLN’s

3. Why a Kinderchat?

4. Changing Organizational Structures

5. Connection Is King (meaning internet connection @willrich45)

6. Modeling Digital Citizenship

7. Back to Blogs: Reflective thinking vs Class Info

8. “Teachers must be Public Intellectuals…write, blog, letters to editor, comment on blogs…” @DianeRavitch