First Post

Hello PoTI. I am trying to harness the internets in my little corner of the world over here in an attempt to show and share my learning curve of various subjects.

First here is my digital-native, social media strategist change agent resume for your enjoyment:

December 25, 1979 received tape recorder from Santa

December 26, 1980 raised venture capital to co purchase Atari game system with younger brother

March 23, 1982 played on PET computers when sent out of class

June 24, 1987 received a D in manual typewriter class

June 3, 1988 first introduction to word processor in hs english class

October 13, 1990 MAC card

dark ages of the mid- nineties. no personal technological advances in memory bank

May 19, 1997 emails: aol, work, Yahoo!

September 11, 2001 no TV access: used the internets for info and news

September 3, 2005 first computer access at home

February 17, 2006 tried to figure out Friendster

March 18, 2006 got a cell phone

April 7, 2006 myspace fun

September 17, 2007 friended facebook and everyone I’ve ever known since 1975

August 28, 2008 stumbled into the twitterverse

July 29, 2010 finally a flickr

Today: attempting WordPress and making 5 blogs.

Now I have 40 passwords


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